The Smiles International Foundation and the Rotary Clubs of Carlsbad, Mission Bay and Cabo San Lucas joined together to host their fourth clinic in the space of two years to provide free surgical correction of children’s Cleft Facial Deformities.  The clinic was held in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico and as many as 71 patients now hold registration at the clinic.  45 patients received comprehensive treatment plans and consultations on Monday Oct. 28th.  


Of the 45 patients, 20 received over 50 Cleft Facial Surgical reconstruction procedures yielding a relative value of services rendered in total of $211,250.00 that has changed their lives forever.  These treatments were provided free-of-charge by the generosity of participating Rotarians, Nurses, Anesthesiologists, and Surgeons from several countries including Mexico, Canada, and the USA.  The objective of this clinic is to provide all surgical and adjunctive corrective services for the underprivileged children born with Facial Cleft abnormalities in the region of Southern Baja for a surrounding radius of 500 miles.  True to this concept, patients were even ferried across the Sea of Cortez by the government and Rotary to receive their care from the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.  As the word of the excellence of care provided by this Rotary Clinic spreads, so does the range of patients arriving for treatment.  It is anticipated a doubling of patient load over the next year and Cabo Smiles project will be ready for it. 

Alexis - Before and After











Maria - Before and After










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Rotary Team