Thanks to the generosity and considerable planning and project execution, the construction, shipping, transportation and installation of a water purification plant at the cost of over $40,000.00 USD was provided the to village school/orphanage and regional Subamma Christian Hospital site.  This was accomplished through the generous donation of time and money by the Rotary Clubs of Carlsbad, Carlsbad High-Noon, Mission Bay Rotary, Rotary District 5340 District Grant, and the India Businessmen Partners contributing through Rotarian Vinit Ahjooja  and their partnership with Smiles International Foundation.  Capable of supplying over 6,000 people the current 4500 persons living in the region will be positively affected and all patients who are treated at the local This purification system provides pure drinking water to over 6,000 persons with purity levels exceeding EPA standards for over 10 years.  The 1000 gallon (5000L) tank provides a multi-day supply of drinking water to covers surge use during meal preparation and school lunch hour while ensuring an adequate supply in the event of an extended power outage or destructive storm event.
The Water for Mori Project accomplished the following key activities:
  1. Construction, shipping, transportation and installation of (at cost) $40,000.00 USD water purification plant to Village School/Orphanage/Regional Subamma Christian Hospital site. This provides pure drinking water to over 6,000 persons with purity levels exceeding EPA standards for over 10 Yr. expected equipment durability.
  2. Design and construction/installation of pure water distribution to orphanage housing, main meal preparation kitchen, residence housing, and regional Subamma Christian Hospital for supplying purified and safe water for cooking and drinking consumption, Surgical/Medical/Dental water usage.
  3. Postoperative screening clinic performed for patients having undergone surgical correction of facial cleft lip and palate deformities in 2010 Rotary “Smiles of India” surgical mission. Further diagnosis and continued treatment plans were given.
  4. New patient care village outreach Dental Half-Day Program provided in conjunction with Subamma Hospital Dental team clinicians examined and treated over 54 adult and pediatric patients for dental pain and hygiene concerns.
  5. Separate lecture and participation symposia were presented by Maribel V. Moses for Safe Water Hygiene and Sanitation Methodology for each class of the 450 students attending the Riverside Mori-Podu School.  Additional classroom instruction was given and presentation materials were distributed to the classroom teacher of this school for ongoing children’s instruction in years to come.
  6. A self esteem training program for teacher’s instruction to support student preparation throughout grade school and Junior Grade levels was delivered.  Lecture materials were distributed and given to teachers for later usage throughout various levels of instruction for children attending school.